Data Access Policies

The goal of Diabetes Epigenome Atlas (DGA) and the AMP-T2D consortium is to facilitate genetic studies of type 2 diabetes, which includes providing data and tools to the scientific community.

Data Access Policy for External Users

External users may access, download and analyze raw and processed published data for all ‘released’ experiments and annotations.  We request that researchers who use processed data files created by the Diabetes Epigenome Atlas in their analyses to acknowledge the Diabetes Epigenome Atlas in addition to citing the specific publications and investigators who generated the original experimental datasets.

Data Acces Policy for AMP consortium members

Proprietary data are shared among AMP consortium members as a resource to facilitate collaboration and rapid discovery prior to full release.

Data access for proprietary data is organized into several ‘tiers’.  The current ‘tier’ is listed with each experiment and annotation.

Tier 1 – Unrestricted

Tier 2 – Restricted from publication

Tier 3 – Restricted to use in joint collaborative projects only

Proprietary data are available only to approved users with user accounts.  If you are a member of the AMP consortium and wish to have a user account created for you or your lab members, please email the Diabetes Epigenome Atlas. 

For questions regarding the data access policy please email the Diabetes Epigenome Atlas team.